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The sooner you install a home security system, the sooner your home and family will get the protection they deserve.

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Which, by the way, it is important to differentiate between whether you want indoor, outdoor, or both types of home security cameras before you begin your research, as the two different types of cameras will have pretty significantly different features.

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Here are the differences between our team and security system review sites: Experts with years of experience in the home security system industry We know the home security industry and have the authority to make recommendations that can be trusted by consumers.

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Research conducted by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice showed that alarm systems help deter burglars. Another research conducted by the University of North Carolina proved that burglars would be hesitant to enter a home fitted with an alarm system. In fact, 31% burglars are likely to retreat from a home if they come across a security system. These figures reflect the effectiveness of home security systems. Types of home security systems The market is flooded with many types of security systems for households and businesses. Typically, you will find major components such as a control panel, alarm, sensors, and detectors in a security system. There is no way to locally store your recorded video, so you have to rely on Netgear to store additional information.

comcast home security mobile app

Regardless of whether a burglar succeeds in their burglary attempt, the act can still impacts your home, as anyone who has experienced burglary firsthand can tell you. One of the most devastating impacts that property crime has on its victims is the feeling of violation. Having a complete stranger target your home for burglary is just the first step of that violation, when personal property is destroyed or vandalized in an attempt to gain entry, that too leaves a feeling of being violated. A burglar certainly takes no care when rummaging through personal possessions, and this is perhaps the most devastating aspect of a successful burglary for the homeowner. So what can be done to decrease the chance of property crime?Deadbolts make burglary difficult and burglars don’t like difficult. The more time a burglar spends in your home, the higher the chances are that they will be caught in the act. Deadbolts on doors make your home a more difficult target to break into, but it is important to purchase high quality locks that can’t be easily compromised. Locks for exterior doors should be grade one or grade two locks, as these locks are more likely to resist a burglar’s lock picking attempts and are less likely to give in to tampering. Good quality deadbolts will also have a beveled casing that will reduce the likelihood of the lock being compromised by channel lock pliers that are used with other lock types to sheer off the cylinder pins in the lock. Visit our best door locks article to find the best lock for your home. Or, if you are into more high tech options, check out our recommendations for best smart locks and best digital door locks.